Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Le coeur parle "Thoughts -réflexion

There a cost of living, why? Do You know?
Well, its true fortunately! every single moment has a gift for you, ( pay attention) thats sounds Great!! To know!! Yes its true!!
sometimes we dont pay attention to the signals, but is like that!  The universe give u a "free" cost of life insurance (lol) How? Here is my point of view, i  think when.life is  accordance.to what you.like , to what you need , to what.you love and live, then, probabilities turn into posibilities and posibilities into more "extendable.good.quality.life insurance" and if.you.talk to me and say : " its not.like that , my.life is..blah blah... not satified person) now i feel you, i felt.like that before, what "matter " is how.i turn.into a super positive., i started to love.what.i have around.me, could.be.your.tv, your dogs, your window( see the.sun every morning) could be your talents or God' s present, so many things you own you have.! First love them, then use them!!
Example :
At home ( love what you.have) remember that.one.day wished.that, now enjoy.it!

At work( come.on! You.are.getting.paid, you.apply for.it.!  Remember? So try to do.your.best Always...!! )

Outside ( everywhere you go) you are part.of.this beautiful world, smile to what you.are.able.to see, smell, talk  touch and feel... u have lot.to do with all those.tools) look at.you!!
Now here is.the"  secret" follow.your heart , walk like if you know that your.steps produce a huge <<orchestra >>message guide by your soul,i know.how it.feels when you give.love and receiving it its twice much better!! I love.it!!

... then i will see that i did something, changing  the world starts on u! Xoxoxoo
Its just a thought based on life experience,  now i can write about it. ( enjoy)