Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eyes,Ears and Mouth.

Yeux, les oreilles et la bouche

Memory, (<< i laugh>>)
I know what i see, i remember ...
I know what i hear, i remember very well...
I know what you said, I have it in my mind very clear.

Is the word running out of people with long term memory?,  looooot, but  lot of people they don't remember what they just did few seconds ago," this is the future. touch and go. then if i see you i don't remember..." is because they forgot to feel , to have empathy with the others, around us there is not only things like making money or achieving a top top position, sometimes, is aproaching to the stranger and say Hey! have a nice day, or  one day you will achieve your goals too, i did it too, motivation is a chain reaction, you do it, they imitate, they do it, how many will do the same!!! what do you think>? ah!

i remember the last t shirt you were, the last word you say , i got a new type of strategy, which is letting the people be themselves while i observe carefully how they behave.

Wise women, wise men are hard to find, however they probably sit down next to you many times, trying to capture your attention while you were just ignoring at all, 
next time i will pay the coffee, you have done enough, let me do it this time, i owe you a beautiful unforgettable night today.